Will the planet soon understand the identical explosive truth regarding the fabulous lost continent of Atlantis?

He Makes Fish Out of Individuals (Nov, 1956)

He Makes Fish Out of People

Ed Townsend's how-to skin diving school teaches aquatic enthusiasts to discover the briny deep safely. the best swiss replica watches

By Sam Schneider

EARLY inside the fall of 1953 two men set off on a skin diving prowl of your coral reefs in the ocean of Hillsborough, a tiny neighborhood around the southeast coast of Florida. The younger of your pair, wearing a brand new "lung" he'd recently bought, dropped off their boat and in no way surfaced alive.

The tragedy made headlines in south Florida, a climatically organic stronghold with the increasingly common aquatic activity. In addition, it spurred 260-pound Edwin D. Townsend in to the development of a unique organization.

Today 33-year-old Ed is owner and founder of Aqua Divers, Inc., in Hollywood, a brief distance south of Hillsborough. Principal work performed by Ed and his helpers is usually to teach everyone having a yen to create like a fish the way to skin dive-safely. imitation rolex watches for sale

In the two-and-a-half years due to the fact he started his school for human sub- marines, Ed has taught three,700 persons how you can use self-contained underwater diving equipment. Most of his graduates now skin dive for entertaining; a few have gone on to create it spend commercially.

Pupils in the college have ranged in age from 67-year-old Mrs. Alice B. Carpenter, of Port Washington, L. I., N.Y., to a six-year-old Florida miss. How effectively the elderly lady grasped the strategy of skin diving was demonstrated by the fact that Ed took her on one of his periodic cruises to the Bahama Islands, hublot swiss replica not far in the U.S. mainland, for her "seminar."

In the wonderful fishing grounds off Bimini, Ed watched closely although the graying Mrs. Carpenter splashed off the boat and submerged to 80 feet. She stayed down, exploring the bottom, for about 20 minutes. The thrill for both Ed plus the lady was double, for Mrs. Carpenter is his mother.

A bosun's mate in the Coast Guard throughout Planet War II, Ed had been skin diving as a hobby for a handful of years prior to the Hillsborough drowning. Reading the news stories, he felt that no mechanical error was responsible.

The capital of Atlantis, according to Plato, was reached from the ocean by a program of wide and deep canals and was surrounded by three enormous, turreted stone walls. The outer wall was brass-coated, the center 1 tin-coated, whilst the third, "flashed with all the red light of orichalcum." Within the city were two consistently operating springs, 1 really flowing day and evening with hot water, though the dock regions had been jammed with vessels which came and went regularly, trading with all the ports of the planet.

"The total impression you get," writes Edwin Bjorkman in his The Look for Atlantis, "is that of an unbelievably wealthy industrial center, fond of show and good living and possessing mercantile connections in all known quarters from the globe."

That's the story of Atlantis, among the list of most intriguing and romantic identified to mankind. Did the explorer-pastor, Dr replica hublot watches . Spanuth, in fact discover it? Listen to this exceptional parallel:The world hooted when a man named Heinrich Schliemann, a German archaeologist, started digging for the ancient city of Troy in Asia Minor. Troy in no way existed, everybody mentioned; it was simply a pretty myth. Then the globe gaped-because Schliemann found classical Troy and proved it was true!

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